3 Tips For Selecting The Right Packaging For Your Product

No matter how great a product you have, bad packaging could ruin the experience for consumers. You should put just as much care into your packaging as the product inside.

Take The Consumer's Viewpoint

When creating packaging you need to take the consumer's viewpoint, both in terms of aesthetics and function. If possible, have people unrelated to the business give you feedback on the packaging. One consideration is what consumers see when they first view the packaging, especially when it is sitting on the shelf. You may notice the packaging does not stand out among similar products and needs to be more eye-catching. Many items come in packaging with bold colors or typography to increase visibility on the shelf. In terms of function, have people open the package. Some major frustrations for consumers are packages that are difficult to open or ones layered in hard plastic that has sharp edges when cut.

Know Your Competition

If your product will be on a store shelf, go inside the store and scope out the competition. In addition to gaining ideas for what other packaging looks like, you might gain insight into creative ways other companies are creating their packaging. Clear packaging is increasing in popularity, especially for products that are natural or have other features that should not be diminished with traditional packaging. For example, a package of snack mix that is less processed would look good on the shelf in clear packaging so consumers can see real pieces of fruit and nuts inside the package. Similarly, many businesses are taking a minimalist approach to their packaging since more people are concerned about the waste created by packaging.

Incorporate Functionality

More companies are integrating functionality into their packaging, which also appeals to consumers that are environmentally-conscious. Consider ways your packaging could be used beyond simply containing the product. Some examples of functional packaging are yogurt cups that come in small glass jars instead of plastic containers. If you have a specific idea for the packaging, try to include the idea on the label. A little glass jar could be used for storage and organization or homemade candles. Even something as simple as the container your product comes in can extend its functionality. You may want to choose a sturdy box that can be easily reused or have cosmetic products that come in a zippered pouch.

The packaging you choose for your product can have a significant influence on the perception of your brand or whether people even notice your product. Investing time and resources into your packaging design can result in packaging that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

For more information, contact a packaging design service.

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