Wide-Format Signs Help New Family Restaurants Stand Out

Family restaurants remain popular and engaging places for people to eat and appeal to a broad range of possible customers. However, this broad appeal is something that can work against a restaurant by making it feel more generic. As a result, it is crucial to brand this business in ways that make it as appealing as possible, such as by using a wide-format sign to catch the eye of many individuals.

Signage Creates Unique Branding Possibilities

New businesses of all types need to create branding opportunities ASAP to stand out. This fact is particularly true for restaurants because people often choose eating destinations based on many different factors, some of which are not related to food quality. For example, a person may choose a family-oriented restaurant because of how friendly and open its brand feels.

This branding can be accomplished through the smart and intelligent use of signage. For example, a sign creates an immediate logo for a restaurant that is hard to miss and that makes it easier to spot when looking for a place to eat. Just as importantly, a sign can create a brand by using colorful and warm tones to make a restaurant more family-friendly and fun. And wide signs are a particularly good choice for those family restaurants trying to appeal to a broader array of people.

Why Wide Signs Are a Good Choice

Wide-format signs are a popular advertising option for many businesses, including restaurants. That's because they provide an immediately eye-catching look that is often hard to get in any other way. For example, a wide sign will be easier to spot from a freeway than a small sign, which will attract people who are interested in the engaging and colorful sign used by a family restaurant.

Just as importantly, a wide sign can be used as a branding tool by making a family restaurant seem "larger than life." This branding should be paired with other elements of restaurant design, such as using more substantial portions than other restaurants. The idea here is to create a unique and hard-to-deny style that should appeal to as many potential customers as possible via the sign.

As a result, new family restaurants may also want to integrate multiple wide-format signs throughout their advertising area to enhance their branding further. Remember — branding is all about sending a consistent message. And using wide signs creates the impression of bigness in a restaurant that people will remember. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers wide-format signage.

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