3 Tips for a Stellar Product Design

Even if you have a fantastic product that will change the world, it's always beneficial to have a superb product design. A superior consumer product design can also boost the appeal of an average product. Follow these helpful tips to ensure you have a stellar product design.

 Check That the Design is Useful

A sleek, gorgeous product design is appealing at first glance, and it may even attract some customers. However, for long-term success, it's essential for your product design to contribute to the utility of the item. If a product isn't useful, it's unlikely to garner positive feedback from your customers. This will impact your product reviews and word-of-mouth clients. Your initial sales might be solid, but they will decrease once customers determine the product isn't useful. Prevent this from happening by combining an aesthetically attractive design with features that optimize your product's primary functions. 

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Before you commit to a specific type of product design, it's important to confirm that the design fits into your budget for manufacturing the item. If the cost of manufacturing exceeds your budget, you'll need to reexamine your numbers and data to determine if the design will allow you to charge a higher price for the item. Should you decide the answer is no, it's best to adjust the design so that the manufacturing costs are more in-line with your budget. Avoid increasing your budget for manufacturing costs unless your data supports the notion that the better design will provide a higher selling price. Remember to evaluate all the costs when examining your budget. Not only do you need to consider the price of your raw materials, but you need to add in manufacturing expenses and the costs associated with assembling and testing the design. 

Consider Sticking With a Niche Design

When you're marketing a new product, it's difficult to sell the item as a "jack of all trades" product. Instead, stick with a niche design that's more likely to appeal to a specific customer need. Determine who you're trying to sell your product to, and make sure that the product fits their needs and expectations. Assume that you're designing a new organizer for passenger vehicles. While you have a lovely design, it's not easy to clean. Your prime market is parents with young children who need more organization in their lives.

You're unlikely to attract this demographic because your product doesn't meet their needs. It's better to opt for a less attractive design that enables parents to easily clean spills and crumbs from the organizer. 

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