Use Giant Advertising Inflatables To Promote Your Business

One great way to promote your business is to use giant advertising inflatables and balloons. There are so many choices that you'll probably want to use different ones. To make things even better, using this method of advertising is easy to do and very affordable. 

If you are just now opening your new business, think of starting off with traditional wording on the inflatables. For instance, the simple message Grand Opening! on some of the inflatables would be good. However, think of using unique words on other inflatables with messages like, We're Finally Here! or Come On In! 

Buy clever advertising inflatables, too. For instance, a funny rubber duck inflatable would be sure to catch the attention of people driving by. Custom order the inflatable duck with the name of your business on it. 

Another unique inflatable would be to have a huge arch in front of your business. On the three sides of the arch have the name of your business, a contact number, and a message that says something like Excellence or Dependable.

You can even buy inflatables that are huge replicas of canned soda pop. Choose brands that are very familiar and, of course, add the information you want to that represents something your business is about. For instance, if you are a new car dealership, the message might say something like You CAN Get A Great Deal Right Here! or CAN We Talk About Cars? 

Another clever inflatable might be the one that looks like a handyman. That would be perfect if your business sells home goods or if you are a home repair service. 

The agent at the facility where you buy your inflatables will have numerous designs that might inspire the one you want to design for your own business. For instance, an inflatable of a cell phone might inspire you to order an inflatable of a vintage phone with words like, We've Come A Long Way, Baby!

Order colorful grand opening advertising balloons, too. Huge helium balloons placed in strategic places will draw the attention of potential customers. Order regular smaller balloons, too. Have the name of your business, your business logo, and any other pertinent information you want to be included in the design of the advertising balloons. Have some that are already inflated ready to hand out now, and then have others that aren't inflated ready to put in mailers for additional advertising. 

Don't forget to get holiday-themed inflatables as the year progresses. Just like the advertising inflatables, they'll be easy to set up and easy to take down. 

For more info, reach out to a local marketing company.

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