Planning A Yoga Retreat? Have This Branded Apparel Available

If you're running a yoga retreat, you'll want to have a variety of branded materials available for your guests. While you might be giving some things away when people arrive, you may also wish to sell certain items. One type of material that can be popular in this application is yoga clothing. Not only will your retreat's attendees be wearing yoga apparel while they practice yoga, but they may also choose to wear it because of its comfort at other times throughout the weekend. Look for a company that offers custom branded apparel, and then consider arranging for the company to produce the following garments for you.

Yoga Pants

Perhaps the most important type of branded apparel to produce for your retreat is yoga pants. This garment is essential for yoga practitioners, and many people enjoy having a few different pairs of pants — especially if they sweat during vigorous forms of yoga. Talk to your custom branded apparel provider to learn about the different types of yoga pants that it has available. If you're having men and women at your retreat, you'll want both men's and women's garments. You can have the name and/or logo of your retreat on the upper part of one leg, or perhaps even printed vertically up the outside of one leg.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are another popular garment for those who practice yoga. A tank top will help to keep the body cool during vigorous yoga, and the flexible nature of this garment means that it won't get in the way of the wearer's ability to perform certain poses. An athletic-style tank top will especially be a good choice in your application. It clings close to the body, which is better than a garment that is baggy and too revealing. You can get your logo printed on one side of the chest or your retreat's name across the back of the garment.


You may also wish to think about customizing some hoodies in advance of your yoga retreat. While some people wear hoodies while practicing yoga, this will be a garment that more people will wear during downtime. For example, during a weekend retreat at a lakeside lodge, some of your participants may enjoy wearing a branded hoodie while sitting on the dock before breakfast or relaxing around a fire pit in the evening. This is especially true if you're holding your event at a time of the year that the weather is cool.

To learn more about branded apparel, contact a company near you.


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