3 Advantages Of Using An Every Door Direct Mail Campaign

mail is only so effective. One can block advertisements or push the trash can button without looking at that email. With direct mail, you have to physically handle the mail, increasing the chance that you will at least look over it. Every door direct mail (EDDM) sends out mail to those living in a specific service area. Using EDDM offers many advantages when it comes to marketing methods.

1. Wide Reach

With an EDDM campaign, you can have a wide reach and target the exact customers you want to inform about your business. You can also geographically target specific carrier routes with your mailing. Additionally, you can narrow down rates based on factors such as household size, homeownership, income, or age. With an EDDM campaign, you can target specific routes with your mailers. You can choose to target residential or business addresses as well, depending on the type of customer you want to attract. By going with an EDDM campaign, you can make sure your marketing dollars are spent reaching out to the right customer.

2. Affordable

EDDM campaigns are designed to be really affordable. You don't have to pay for a mailing list; instead, you can use the USPS's simplified address system. By going with this option, you can also pay below-required postage. This means you will pay a more economical postage rate, saving you money on having to pay for postage on your own manually. You also don't have to get a postage permit for your mailing either. An EDDM campaign allows you to access affordable postage rates without having to pay for mailing lists or postage permits for your business. It is an affordable way to reach a large number of people and ensure that they look at what you send out.

3. Customizable

An EDDM is a flexible way to market. You can choose what size postcard you want to send out based on what information you want to share. You can go with a smaller format for a quick promotion or deal, or you could go with a bigger format if you want to provide more information about your products and business. With an EDDM campaign, you design the mailer that is sent out, and you get to choose what information is included on the flyer. This offers you a high degree of customization and flexibility.

If you want to stretch your marketing dollar and ensure your message is seen, you will want to use an EDDM campaign that will allow you to send out direct mails that you create to a targeted address list at an affordable rate. 

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