4 Signs You Should Ask An Online Marketing Company For Help

Cutting through the noise online to spread a marketing message isn't easy. There are plenty of places to spend your marketing dollar, but maximizing your return can be challenging in a target-rich environment.

One solution is to turn to an online marketing company for help. Do you need to make this move? These four signs of digital marketing trouble indicate your business might need marketing help. 

No Numbers

If you don't have numbers to analyze in the digital marketing business, it's hard to make sense of performance. A business shouldn't pour money into its online marketing budget without some ability to assess what became of it.

Also, you should get better answers than just a list of impressions and clicks from the marketing platforms themselves. You need to have an analytics platform in place so you can collect data about your campaign without depending on advertising platforms' numbers. An online marketing company has the tools to quickly set up and perform this sort of analysis.

Lack of Structure

You should be able to describe your marketing efforts in terms of defined campaigns. Structure matters because you need to be able to pair messages with target audience members. If you can't put a message inside a campaign, it's hard to say how you'll appeal to a particular type of person.

Campaigns should operate across multiple channels too. A channel in the online marketing world is a specific medium. For example, social media represents one channel. Working with a channel structure will allow you to refine messages to what works in specific environments.

Activity Without Results

Another notable problem is seeing lots of marketing-related activity without results. You might generate thousands of visits with a campaign and virtually no conversions.

If you're seeing activity without results, you may need to tailor your campaigns to more engaged demographic groups. An online marketing company will test how different appeals attract specific audiences so they can hone in on groups that convert their efforts to sales or other desired actions.

One Marketing Strategy

Few businesses have narrow-enough goals to succeed with a single marketing strategy. A marketing plan should cover multiple strategies to appeal to different audiences. Likewise, you may need strategies for different times of the year. If you sell differentiated products or brands, those may also require separate strategies.

You will also need to iterate through strategies. Good online marketing means testing ideas quickly, killing ones that fail, and building upon ones that succeed.

For more information, contact a local online marketing company, such as RevLocal.

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