As Seen On TV Products: Sourcing Tips For Retailers

If you own a retail store that sells a lot of products, you might want to offer as seen on TV products. People often know what they are because they see them advertised on TV regularly. Just make sure you consider these sourcing tips to have the biggest impact on these products' sales.

See What's Currently Selling Well

You have access to a lot of as seen on TV products for your retail store. However, there are probably a couple that sell really well and these are what your retail store should focus on. They can help you move these products quickly and subsequently make a decent profit. 

You can perform basic research online to see which as seen on TV products currently have the biggest sales figures. Then you can buy them for your store and look forward to consistent sales, especially if they're packaged and marketed correctly.

Order the Right Quantity

Once you figure out which as seen on TV products to sell in your retail store, now you need to figure out how much of them to keep in stock. You want to be accurate with this projection so that you don't run out or have too many of these products sitting around. 

You can consult with a supplier of as seen on TV products and see what quantity amounts they would recommend for your retail store, based on its size and location. You might even start off on a trial basis with a couple of these products, seeing what the demand is on a month-to-month basis. Then you'll have a better idea of how many to order in future months. 

Get Marketing Advice

The last thing you need to do when sourcing as seen on TV products for your retail store is find out how to market them successfully. If you do this right, these products should fly off your shelves and thus help you generate worthwhile profits on a consistent basis.

Probably the best party to talk to about marketing is the supplier you get these products from. They know what sales tactics work, such as making these products clearly visible in your store and using special packaging with them. 

If you want to introduce as seen on TV products in your retail store, you can have a lot of success if you take the right measures when sourcing them from suppliers. Things like focusing on the right products and getting quantity figures correct are impactful steps you can take to have success with these products. 

To learn more about selling as seen on TV products, including Paragon products, reach out to a wholesaler.

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